Kitchen Design

Lung-Shan Chang, senior designer, once said, “The kitchen is the heart of the home.” It is the living space that gathers emotion and is most often in use. It is not just a space for preparing healthy meals for the family. It is a place for children to bake, do homework, and chat after class, a place where the whole family can exchange feelings, not to mention an important area for entertaining relatives and friends. With these warm thoughts, Shan carefully planned and designed this kitchen. With a semi-open design, the kitchen is connected to the living room through a Chinese-style “bronze” screen. This design, on the one hand partitions the space, and on the other the hollow bronze screen allows the living room and kitchen to interact and achieve a smooth and seamless connection.

The entire kitchen is not only visually appealing, but the humanistic and cultural elements flowing in it are even more moving. The copper coin graphic screen “smooth on the outside, but firm within” implies the fusion of heaven and earth and the balance of yin and yang. As if from an ink painting, the ethereal landscape on the back wall can boost the living atmosphere of the home and create a rich and harmonious Feng Shui for the family.

Through the screen, a bright, classical kitchen is elegantly presented with sophisticated white cabinets from the Kitchen Designs Signature Collection and a demure grey island from Wood Mode / Brookhaven. Looking past the island, one cannot help but be attracted by the back wall between the marble countertop and the kitchen cabinet. The Cambria stone, before commonly used in the kitchen, now presents a Chinese landscape painting with its grain: undulating water beneath cascading mountains.


Luxury, comfort, and elegance are the main themes of Shan’s design for this 300 square foot master bath.

The shower room is like a piece of art, the focal point of the whole space. Exquisite lotus mosaic tiles are used for the main wall, which is presented like a mural. Its bright green, orange, and yellow color scheme contrasts with the all-white shower and surrounding rooms. The frameless glass door is used to display the mural with the best light. Even in the shower, one can enjoy the reflection of the mural off the glass doors.

The specially designed toilets for husband and wife are on either side of the shower, and on the opposite side is the circular built-in spa bath. Half of the dome wall space extends to the outer wall to expand the view, so one can enjoy the outdoor scenery across the four seasons.

The washstand is not only spacious, but also has sockets installed to facilitate the use of electronics, such as hair dryers and water flossers. The upper and lower cabinets on both sides are lined with high imitation crocodile leather lining for added detail and taste.

The tassel crystal chandelier falls like droplets of water. The transparent wooden cabinet handles and custom-made transparent cabinet feet, white quartz marble countertops and water-jet cut marble floor tiles all have the same magic, adding elegant details without stealing the lead’s thunder.

Bar / Butler Storage Room

A small, but fully equipped party bar and storeroom.

This 44-square-foot, slender and narrow room not only provides a lot of storage space and display cabinets, but also a 24-inch Wolfe wine cabinet, a 24-inch coffee machine, a 24-inch hidden drawer refrigerator, and 24 Inch sink.

In order to prevent the central air-conditioning’s air return system from occupying the aisle, the entire 2-square-foot ventilation duct is pushed back into the right rear of this room. Every half-inch of space here has been fully utilized to maximize the arrangement of very limited space, and all electrical appliances as well as drawers and cabinet doors that store snacks, drinks, and wine glasses can be used smoothly.

Natural quartz stone countertops and backboards, with natural textures and colors, fuse the upper and lower cabinets together, making the whole room elegant, stylish, yet minimalistic.

Outdoor Kitchen

The villa’s outdoor kitchen is a must-have for a new home.

The French double doors from the indoor gourmet kitchen lead to the outdoor kitchen for easy access to fresh ingredients and dishes. On one side of the outdoor kitchen, there are BBQ grills, pizza ovens, and warming drawers, eliminating the need to buy a range hood while still providing good ventilation. The other side is equipped with a refrigerator and icemaker. In the middle of fire and ice, a dishwasher serves both sides. Friends and family can enjoy a warm and delicious barbecue at any time, or sit at the bar and chat over a cocktail. The design of the terrace follows the West Coast aesthetic driftwood style, with red brick walls outside and a white-beamed ceiling that complement the surrounding landscape.

This outdoor kitchen has all the facilities of an indoor kitchen and ample storage space. The family can entertain through howling winds, pouring rain, and beating snow.

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