Kitchen Design

Outdoor Kitchen

The villa’s outdoor kitchen is a must-have for a new home.

The French double doors from the indoor gourmet kitchen lead to the outdoor kitchen for easy access to fresh ingredients and dishes. On one side of the outdoor kitchen, there are BBQ grills, pizza ovens, and warming drawers, eliminating the need to buy a range hood while still providing good ventilation. The other side is equipped with a refrigerator and icemaker. In the middle of fire and ice, a dishwasher serves both sides. Friends and family can enjoy a warm and delicious barbecue at any time, or sit at the bar and chat over a cocktail. The design of the terrace follows the West Coast aesthetic driftwood style, with red brick walls outside and a white-beamed ceiling that complement the surrounding landscape.

This outdoor kitchen has all the facilities of an indoor kitchen and ample storage space. The family can entertain through howling winds, pouring rain, and beating snow.

Living Room & Dining Room

Home Office