Megan, Great Neck


Shan is a very talented designer! 

She has great taste on home design. I have been working with her for months. She has great knowledge on renovation and furniture. She has excellent patience and always gives me a lot of useful advices! For example, when purchasing furniture, do not just look at the price. The store reputation is important because you don’t have to worry about the after sales service. 

I like her designs a lot that is why I chose to work with her. She is not only looking at the room pictures but also visit the actual location. After hours of discussion, a lot of back and forth, the result turned out fabulous. I am impressed by her design and patience. I would be happy to work with her again in the future.


她對家居設計很有品味。 我已經和她一起工作了幾個月, 她在裝修和家具方面擁有豐富的知識。 她很有耐心,總是給我很多有用的建議,  例如: 購買家具時不要只看價格,  因為商店的聲譽很重要, 這樣您不需要擔心售後服務。

我非常喜歡她的設計,這就是為什麼我選擇與她合作。 她不僅看房間的照片,還會實地勘查現場, 經過來來回回好幾個小時的討論,結果出來非常好。 她的設計和耐心讓我印象深刻。 我會很高興未來有機會能再與她合作。

Andrew, Garden City


Shan is awesome.  She’s an above and beyond rockstar.  I was renovating my basement, and she helped me with the bathroom vanity design as well as bar table design.  She guided me to select the best template, material and color suitable to my need, and expedited the order for me so that I could get my renovation process moving smoothly.  Highly recommend Shan as your next project makeover designer.

珊真的太棒了! 她是超級搖滾巨星。 我那時正在裝修地下室,她幫我做浴室梳妝台設計和吧台設計。 她教我如何選擇適合我的最佳模板,材料和顏色,並為我加快了訂單速度,讓我的裝修過程順利完成。 我高度推薦珊作為您的改裝設計師。

Shannon Zhao from Roslyn Estates 


I did my kitchen renovation a year ago, and I felt so lucky that I had Ms. Chang as my kitchen designer! She is classic and passionate, knowledgeable and experienced, on the top of all, she is very talented. She has such a good eye on colors and designs, she helped me pick up black and light grey, awesome contrast colors! When she designed the layout, she put her heart into it, she listened and she talked out, and went to all details, very practical, thoughtful and accurate, just like doing her own kitchen.  My kitchen came out so beautiful! “Less is More City Style”, that is just what exactly I was looking for!! My friends and my contractors told me it just look like those pictures on magazines!!  If there is rate, five stars is not enough.  I do love her work and I do love her as a person as well 

一年前,我翻新了廚房,我很幸運,我請了張女士做我的廚房設計師! 她是個很經典,熱情,知識淵博和經驗豐富的人,最重要的是,她很有才華。 她對顏色和設計有很好的眼光,她幫助我挑選了黑色和淺灰色,很棒的對比色! 在設計佈局時,她全心投入,傾聽我的需求,  然後去完成所有的細節,非常實用,周到和準確,就像是我自己動手做一樣。 我的廚房真漂亮! “少就是更多的都會品味”,這正是我一直在尋找的東西! 我的朋友和承包商告訴我,整個設計風貌就像雜誌上的照片一樣!! 如果要給評價, 五顆星都不足以表達我對珊的高度評價。 我很喜歡她的工作,也很喜歡她這個人!

Dr. Li, Great Neck

Shan is a wonderful designer. Her design is elegant and functional.  I hired her to help me with my house renovation project a couple of years ago. She is very professional. She takes time to listen and understand the feel and style that I wanted, then come up with some great ideas to design the house that is beautiful and unique to us.  She walked me through every detail of the whole design process, and made the stressful renovation work much easier.  I am so glad that we hired Shan.  Without her help, knowledge and experience, the project wouldn’t have the beautiful end result that it did.  Therefore, I highly recommend Shan.

Shan是一位出色的設計師。 她的設計優雅而實用。 幾年前,我請她來幫助我進行房屋翻新項目。 她很專業。 她花時間聆聽並理解我想要的感覺和風格,然後提出一些很棒的想法來設計對我們來說美麗而獨特的房屋。 她帶領我完成了整個設計過程的每個細節,並使壓力很大的翻新工作變得更加容易。 我很高興我們僱用了Shan。 沒有她的幫助,知識和經驗,該項目將無法實現其出色的最終結果。 因此,我強烈推薦Shan。

Gloria, Great Neck

I had My kitchen renovated in the summer of 2019. One of my friends recommended Shan as my kitchen designer. I hired her and it proved that it was a correct decision. Shan spent long time discussing with me before the final draft. She considered every detail and respected my opinions. When I had questions, she was always there Giving me professional ideas and information. Shan helped me going through the whole renovation process including the choices of tiles, countertops, even the light. I am very satisfied with her design and her service. I love my new kitchen. Thank you, Shan.

我在2019年夏季翻修了廚房, 一位朋友推薦室內設計師Shan給我。 事實證明我請Shan幫我重新設計廚房是正確的決定! 在最後設計圖完成之前,Shan花了很長時間與我討論。 她考慮了每一個細節,並尊重我的意見。 當我有疑問時,她總會給我專業的建議和信息。 Shan幫我完成了整個裝修過程,包括瓷磚,檯面,甚至燈的選擇。 我非常滿意她的設計和服務。 我愛我的新廚房。 謝謝你,珊。